Nagyváthy János Farmers' Training Association

Nagyváthy János Farmers' Training Association was founded in 1991 as a member of Hungarian National Society for the Dissemination of Knowledge.

The main objective of the Association is to transfer and exchange knowledge on agricultural and environmental best pracices. The Association played a key role in the elaboration of agricultural programmes of the Hungarian National Television for 12 years. It has developed many e-learning materials and carried out on-line campaigns for 8 years. The president of the Association, dr. György Bálint is the member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, was awarded the Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic. The Association works with many volunteers and partners, among them the Corvinus University of Budapest.

Sustainable environment and agriculture

Nagyváthy János Farmers' Training AssociationRural developmental, social and environmental initiatives involve a large number of implications for learning. Those implementing the programs make efforts to ensure their intended goals have the greatest possible effect on the target group. At the same time, the supporter and funder of the initiatives also keeps in mind that these programs could be transferred to other areas and receive media publicity.

Media adaptation of rural developmental, social and environmental initiatives

The efficiency of the programs can in most cases be increased, provided the actions taken are documented, processed and presented to the public. It is purposeful to implement the media adaptation in a complex form, i.e. it is advisable to select a media mix that is available to the largest possible circle (articles for newspaper readers, reports for radio listeners, interactive presentations for internet users, as well as TV spots). A website freely available to all could form the basis of the media adaptation, one that is designed to offer videos, photos, studies of various length, press news and up-to-date information. The further transferability of the given initiative is largely determined by the fact whether the recipients receive timely information of the existing experiences, difficulties and possible pitfalls.

Accordingly, media adaptation requires such extensive and overall editorial work where a competent filming crew makes web-based videos under the direction of a skilled professional, in parallel with which the coordinator of the program compiles a textual summary of the information relating to the initiative to be presented. All this is coordinated by an organisation with expertise in content development and strongly committed to the initiative, ensuring competent and objective information transfer and "media consumability".

The staff members of ‘Nagyváthy’ Association have proved their competence in making media adaptations in connection with a number of previous environmental, social and rural developmental initiatives. One of the latest examples is the case of Tarnabod, a recipient village community: the Association has been following the initiative closely for one year, organized education programs, acted as a mediator, made documentaries, published online accounts, and also achieved that the public service television present a complete coverage. All these activities are carried out with the involvement of the inquirers, relying on the interactive options of the WEB2, promoting the free flow of information, and in the service of the environment-aware consumers' society.


Nagyváthy Egyesület (Nagyváthy János Farmers' Training Association)

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